Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall is Coming

The last several mornings as I go out to walk my dogs here in Dillon, Colorado I am grabbing my sweatshirt. Where does the summer go? It seems like just yesterday we were sleeping with the doors and windows open. I love living in the high country of Colorado during the summer. This is our first summer since we retired and the first summer we have lived in our home here. We have owned our place for fifteen years here in Summit County. At the time we bought this "second home" out two youngest children were still in school and snowboarding every weekend. It was a great family place. We used it almost every weekend in the winter. It was home to many of our children's friends and many who Mr.B taught to snowboard. Many AFA cadets took their first run here at Keystone under the watchful eye of Mr. B.
We spent many many Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with a roaring fire and snow falling on the lake. But to be honest once the snow had gone away we did not use the place much. Our summers were busy with all the things our kids did during the summer. Once we started talking about retiring we thought "what the hell" we would spend our summers at 9100 ft. What a delight it has been. The mornings and evenings have been cool and crisp. The days warm but not hot. It really has been a perfect summer. But now our days here are getting very cool. It is our sign that fall is coming and our journey back to the Pacific is near. I have started packing boxes with "can not live without" goodies to take back to Mexico. I am looking forward to hearing the waves, smelling the ocean and watching the sunsets. But I will miss my mountain home and my cool morning walks. Where did the summer go?

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