Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Miss Bitzy

Six months ago we found her huddled under a car in our driveway in Mexico.  Skinny, scabby, and scared is how she was.  Of course, we knew we had to feed her and give her water, if for no other reason than to get her on down the road on the same journey that thousands of Mexican dogs take every day.  They roam the roads of Mexico, after being discarded like yesterday's trash.  They look for food, a safe place to sleep and learn the wisdom to stay free of the ladies with brooms.  We have seen many of them pass our place, some stopping for a fresh drink of water.  Some for a rest in the shade for a moment, before moving on.  It breaks our heart every time.  But we know we can not save them all.

But this girl stayed.  She wagged her tail and ate her food and crawled back under the car. Soon, she was waiting at the gate for us with her bowl of goodness .  She would look at us with those golden eyes and say "thank-you".  Dirty and covered with fleas and ticks, a bath was next.  She did well and seemed to look at Paul as if she had meet her Prince Charming. Soon, the door opened and inside she ran.  At first, she was content to sleep at the bottom of the stairs and wait for us to greet her each morning. It did not take much time for her to find her way upstairs, and soon she was snuggled next to Paul every night.  She gained weight, her wounds healed, her confidence slowly returned.  But the bond she would make with Paul was pure magic. 
We knew from the beginning that she would not stay forever.  That we had been charged with making this broken dog whole again.  We knew it would not be easy, it never is.  But, we don't hold back, we fall in love.  To keep reminding himself that she could not stay, he'd tell her in his southern voice, "You ain't got no kin 'round here.  You ain't even a second cousin or nothin'.  You a orphan."  But, then, he give her a good rub and skritch, so I think Bitsy was convinced he was just crazy.

Finding a "forever home" is never easy for adult dogs.  People feel like they won't bond with them, that they are flawed, that they have been "thrown away".  It takes a special person or family to open their hearts.  Lucky for our Miss Bitzy she has found hers!  Out of the blue they appeared, they looked into her golden eyes and knew she needed them.
With tears in our eyes, we let go of her.  We gave her a new start, she gave us everlasting memories.  

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Dean Radice said...

Any time a dog like Miss Bitzy can find a forever home, it makes my day! You and Paul are the best for doing what you do!